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Please make sure you've read through the rules, plot, and have checked the character list before auditioning.


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**** VERY IMPORTANT!!! ***** 

Alright guys -

There has been WAY too much inactivity lately. So, we have officially decided that Disney Dreams Roleplay is going under MAJOR reconstruction.

Within the coming several weeks and/or months we will be completely remaking this group. We are open to any suggestions you might have for us.

We will be wiping the group completely and starting from scratch. This goes for characters as well. If you DO wish to keep your character, send us a message letting us know. We are more than happy to keep them on reserve for you to continue role playing when we reopen.

You may continue rping amongst yourselves during this process. Both of us will still be around, ready to RP with you guys.

- Rapunzel & Wendy

Important Notice! 

It’s been three days since we have announced the opening of our OOC blog, and so far, no one has asked for the link to it. :(

We hate to say this, but if you do not ask for the link within the next week (by October 21), then we will be forced to reopen your role. Yes, there was just an activity check, but we’d like to know who is really here!

-Wendy & Rapunzel

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haley-ledferd wrote: "May I audition for Aurora? Thank you -haley :)"

We’ll put her on reserve for you!

Great News! 

We have an OOC Blog now available to our group on tumblr! :) This way, we can talk to each other without ever having to log off, and we will be able to see when others are online much easier.

Please message the main account for a link, but make sure your submit box is open!


Where has everyone been lately? We’ve gotta get this place hoppin again!!

- Rapunzel

Anonymous wrote: "How active is this rp?"

We try to make sure that everyone stays as active as possible :)

Here's Mowgli! 

Everyone, please follow Mowgli :)

Mowgli is reserved! 

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The following roles are reopened.  

  • Cinderella
  • Lilo
  • Ariel
  • Charlotte
  • Aurora
  • Snow White
  • Jane
  • Eric

please unfollow these characters, everyone!